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Catch up on our webinar: Powers and Priorities: Enabling Great System and Place Leadership

Updated: Apr 4

Catch up on our webinar on the Powers and Priorities: Enabling Great System and Place Leadership. This webinar was held on Tuesday 13th February 2024.

Watch here

This is the first webinar in our 2024 ‘Prioritising Public Services’ series, which aims to raise and discuss important public service reform issues ahead of this year’s General Election.

This month we are focusing on the importance of great system and place leadership, how it can best work to improve prosperity and well-being for residents and what devolution is needed to make it happen.

The discussion was chaired by Mutual Ventures Chief Executive Andrew Laird with contributions from:

  • Dr Henry Kippin, Chief Executive of the North of Tyne Mayoral Combined Authority (MCA) Interim Chief Executive of the new North East MCA.

  • Prof. Donna Hall, Former Chief Executive of Wigan Council and Mutual Ventures Non-Executive Director.

  • Dr Simon Kaye, Director of Policy at the Reform think tank and author of the recent report “Devolve by Default” report.

To find out more about our ‘Prioritising Public Services’ series click here. With a General Election on the horizon, it is time to stand up for public services.


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