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Mutual Ventures visit to PossAbilities CIC

The Mutual Ventures team had an inspiring visit to social enterprise PossAbilities CIC to learn how they support vulnerable adults to 'live the life they choose'.

Having independence, being able to live a fulfilling life and enjoying yourself are important to everyone. PossAbilities is a social enterprise that supports vulnerable people to 'live the life they choose', by providing support to people with learning disabilities, young people leaving care and people with dementia. PossAbilities pride themselves on doing things differently and a strong culture that values everyone equally.

Mutual Ventures has a long-standing relationship with the organisation, going back to when they were created from the 'spin out' of services from Rochdale Borough Council.

Last week the Mutual Ventures team stopped in to visit.

At Mutual Ventures, our work bridges between policy and service delivery - so it is important to us to be connected to services themselves, understand how they work and support them.

At our visit we heard from service users about how PossAbilities helps them to unlock an equal and happy life, from sharing power in decision-making to building communities where everyone feels they belong.

It was inspiring to see the passion and dedication of the team to their mission and how PossAbilities positively impacts the lives of their service users first-hand. We were also lucky enough to meet many of PossAbilities’ resident pets – including Woody the bulldog, Rambo the parrot, pigs, goats, ponies and even their grumpy chinchilla!

We also had a great workshop with the PossAbilities management team focused on a discussion around how they can retain their core values as a growing organisation. This is vital to them and is reflected in everything we saw during the day.

Thank you PossAbilities for the opportunity to work with your incredible team and service users - and we look forward to future visits!

You can learn more about PossAbilities on their website


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