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Our bid support to local authority clusters in the Fostering Recruitment and Retention Programme

Explore our extensive set of downloadable bid development resources designed to support local authority clusters in their bid preparations for the Department for Education's Fostering Recruitment and Retention Programme.

These tools and materials were designed to streamline the bidding process for LA clusters, enhance proposal quality, and ultimately contributed to successful bid outcomes for all nine participating local authority clusters.

Download our bid development resources:

Fostering Recruitment and Retention Application Guidance
Download PDF • 463KB
Top tips document
Download • 119KB
Q&A Bid Support Webinar
Download • 111KB
Implementation Plan Template
Download • 32KB
Financial Costings Template
Download • 21KB
Myth-busting Fostering Recruitment Hubs
Download • 141KB

For more information about the Fostering Recruitment and Retention Programme, and to learn from the roll-out phase of the work click here.


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