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Shifting the dial on children's health outcomes depends on effective local partnerships

Updated: Feb 14

MV's new report looks at how tackling disparities in children's health outcomes requires collaboration between system and place partners.

Improving children’s health is a critical priority for our country and one of the four top issues for Integrated Care Systems.

But emphasis on improvement tends to narrowly focus on what the NHS can do, when many of the wider determinants of health sit outside the traditional boundaries of healthcare.

MV's new report - Shifting the Dial on Children's Health Outcomes - recognises that making progress on improving outcomes requires collaboration and partnership across a range of organisations working in social welfare, housing, the environment and education, as well as healthcare.

Our report argues that new forms of leadership and collaboration are needed. It presents a framework for action aimed at system and place leaders, which is intended to help local areas develop a strategy that prioritises what is best for children. The framework sets five building blocks for approaching change: 

  1. Leadership firmly on the same page

  2. Identifying and engaging stakeholders

  3. Deciding priorities

  4. Shared and accessible data

  5. Delivery structures and measuring data

Download the report

Shifting the Dial on Children's Health Outcomes FINAL
Download PDF • 987KB

To hear more about the findings of this report or to discuss have MV might support your organisation contact

For more on MV's work on collaboration and integrated care click here.


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