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Catch up on our webinar: Harnessing the power of data to transform children’s social care

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

On 8th September we hosted a webinar with Xantura focused on how to harness the power of data to transform children’s social care. The webinar explored how data can empower social workers to make better decisions, save money by identifying at risk cohorts early and prevent escalation, and improve resource planning by better predicting demand.

Watch a recording of the webinar! (59mins)

Download the presentation from the webinar, including links to videos, here.

Download a Q&A from the webinar here.

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More about the webinar

Rising demand and costs of social care are a familiar story across children’s services. Add to that the expectations of a spike in referrals following COVID-19, and decisions on how to prioritise resources will be increasingly important.

More than ever, a clear understanding of local populations is needed for services to be effective and keep children safe. This webinar explores the power of data to predict demand, understand risk, target your resources and achieve the best possible outcomes for children.

This webinar explores the following:

  1. How to identify at risk cohorts earlier, prevent escalation, and reduce demand for high cost placements

  2. The benefits of better data for social workers and how it can support them to make decisions

  3. How data can support multi-agency safeguarding arrangements and relationships with partners

  4. How to develop better organisational capability to sustain and embed these approaches

  5. How data analytics can help you to become a leader in your field

Our speakers were: Pye Nyunt, Head of Insight and Innovation at the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham; Tom McBride, Director of Evidence, Early Intervention Foundation; and Hannah Celia and Wajid Shafiq from Xantura Limited. The webinar is Chaired by David Fairhurst from Mutual Ventures.

Our partnership with Xantura

Mutual Ventures and Xantura work in partnership to support councils in transforming how they deliver Children’s Services through intelligent use of data. Read more about our partnership here.


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