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Case study: Supporting the development of Primary Care Networks in Camden

Client: Camden Health Partners (CHP), a federation of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) representing and supporting seven of the eight PCNs in Camden.

Date: February - March 2022

Challenges faced by the client: CHP requires support to shift to a new model for work with members, supporting their development as effective PCNs. This needs to involve a ‘reset’ in the relationship with GPs, shifting expectations around what and how services will be provided. An effective PCN is about delivering the 'Network Contract DES' and being a well-governed, well-functioning organisation that can provide the best possible integrated primary care services to its population. CHP required a tool to support the identification of strengths and development areas among PCNs, and which would support a mature conversation around support needs.

Supported provided: Mutual Ventures developed a tailored 'Health Network Diagnostic Tool', to help PCNs assess themselves against the core PCN requirements within the Camden context, and identify individual strengths and development areas. The tool comprises 6 'themes': PCN Strategy, PCN Governance, PCN Operations, Analytics, Behaviour Influencing, and Functional Areas. Once complete, the output included a rating for each theme, intended to provide an assessment of the capacity, capability and maturity of a PCN. The aim of this is to help reflect on strengths and development areas, and be used as the starting point for a future plan.

Outcomes achieved: Overall, our work was designed to support CHP to:

  • develop the skills and capabilities of PCNs, including knowing what support they need and when

  • ensure that the key tasks in primary care in Camden are done at the ‘right’ level – surgery, PCN or borough

  • support a good and trusting working relationship between all primary care partners in Camden

  • improve the accessibility and quality of primary care for patients in Camden

Caz Sayer, Chair of SHP said about our work: 'Camden Health Partners has worked with Mutual Ventures on a number of projects commissioned from them over the last couple of years. We are happy to recommend Mutual Ventures to others as we have been incredibly impressed by the quality of work produced, the experience and expertise they bring to the commissioned projects and the timeliness of their output. The senior team are responsive, listen carefully to what is being asked for and work collaboratively and innovatively to find solutions.’


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