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Emmet Regan: I’ve learnt that… communication needs to be at the heart of everything we do

Emmet's reflection:

I’ve been asked to reflect on my time and to think about a lesson or impression that has stayed with me. This was no easy task, over the years at Mutual Ventures I have worked on projects as varied as reforming the adoption system, to regional collaboration amongst 15 local authorities.

The most important lesson, which may also seem like an obvious one, is around communication. Or, to coin a term – communication, communication, communication.

It is something we take for granted and is in everything we do, but without it, change would not succeed.

It is crucial to put communication at the heart of everything we do, and if you think you have done too much, you probably haven’t done enough.

With colleagues across our public services, taking time to talk, to plan, to discuss, to agree and to disagree is crucial.

As we begin to move to a post-pandemic world, and local areas begin to think about the future again, this lesson will be more important than ever.

Counterintuitively, lockdown has allowed us to talk more, albeit through a laptop or iPad – we must ensure we do not lose sight of the connections that have been made.

We have been working in a number of areas, bringing together people from across our public services, to plan for the future in a post-pandemic world.

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Download a report containing the full MV team’s personal reflections on what they have learnt over the last decade.

10 Years of Mutual Ventures
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