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Matt Carter: I’ve learnt that… partnerships are the bedrock of how the NHS works

Matt's reflection:

During my time at MV, I have learnt that if your objective is to facilitate true and lasting partnerships, objectivity is essential.

I have worked on programmes with multiple stakeholder organisations, all with differing agendas and viewpoints. Often there is a lack of trust between these organisations. As such, we seek to establish platforms that allow trust to grow, and that allow us to guide our clients through the process, ensuring equal levels of influence for all parties.

There is now an increasing focus on provider collaboratives and partnership working across the NHS, supported by new forms of integrated governance. Despite this drive for integration, we are still operating across systems that have emerged from a previous model, based on competition.

I have learnt the importance of being viewed as an ‘honest broker’ – and one who always remains impartial. My role is to ensure that the multiple stakeholders can find shared goals and values that drive a partnership approach. One recent example is the response to COVID-19, which has seen the need for increased collaboration between multiple organisations. I have witnessed first-hand that when organisations have a common purpose, effective partnership working can be mobilised rapidly.

On all of my projects focusing on increased alignment and collaboration, it is our impartiality and objectivity at MV, and our clients’ trust in these values, that is critical in establishing genuine partnership working.

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