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We are passionate about better delivery models for better public services.

Mutual Ventures support public service commissioners, organisational leaders and front-line staff who are seeking to identify, develop and grow the right delivery model for their services. Increasingly, this is in response to the challenges of devolution and integration.

We support our clients to become public service entrepreneurs – combining a strong public service ethos with commercial discipline to create organisations that have the right systems and culture, empower staff to innovate and deliver high quality services.

Latest News

Integrated care requires CCGs to focus on ‘market building’

Writing for the HSJ, MV’s John Copps argues that CCGs need to play a much more active market making role if they are to get the best out of their providers. The role of commissioners of healthcare cannot be limited to specifying needs, issuing contracts and paying invoices. They must adopt the role of “market-builder”…

Public service staff need space to learn from mistakes

Writing for HuffPost, MV’s Andrew Laird says public service staff need to be given safe space to learn from mistakes… I recently read “Black Box Thinking” by Matthew Syed, which looks at how we learn (or don’t) from our mistakes. I was really struck by the comparison of how the aviation industry and the health…

Should public services be “experimental”?

Writing for Pioneer’s Post, MV Director Andrew Laird urges public service managers and practitioners to be more open to the prospect of experimentation… What is the right level of experimentation in public services? This is a question that we are hearing (and posing) a lot in our work with public service commissioners and front line…

Public Services Need a Dose of Maverickism

Writing for Huffpost, MV’s Andrew Laird makes the case for more mavericks in public services… I believe the next five years will see the full emergence of a new breed of individual: the Public Service Entrepreneur. These will be people who are passionate about public services but know that there is a more entrepreneurial way to…


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  • Commissioners need to focus on ‘market building’ - they can't just be procureaucrats @okeefe_brendan @ScottDarraugh
  • RT @okeefe_brendan: Great post. Applies right across public sector. Commissioners must be more than just procureaucrats!
  • RT @SteveHiltonx: More Human US published today! Here's my Medium piece telling the story. Pls RT and share!
  • Integrated care requires CCGs to focus on ‘market building’ - not just be buyers of services. @hwpllp @socadventures
  • Commissioners must go beyond specifying needs & managing contracts. They should adopt the role of 'market builder'
  • MV's John Copps: integration needs CCGs to focus on ‘market building’ @HSJnews @hwpllp @socadventures @spiralhealth