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We are passionate about better, more sustainable public services

Our approach is based on our knowledge and commitment to public services whether delivered within the public sector or independently. We work across all areas including children’s services, health and social care, culture services and more.

We understand that every client faces their own challenges. Our team bring a ‘can do’ spirit and will work in partnership with you to find a solution that fits.

We work throughout the UK, with offices in London, Bristol and Cardiff

Latest News

More Government funding available to support new delivery models

Tracey Crouch – Minister for Sport and Civil Society has announced a further £1 million in funding for the Mutuals Support Programme which supports organisations looking to either become or grow as Public Service Mutuals (see definition below). This is in addition to the £1.7 million already allocated to the overall programme when it launched…

Are you brave enough to cede control of services?

Emmet Regan argues that public service bodies need to cede individual organisational control in order to ensure greater collective control over the services they provide within the wider public service system. A version of this article appeared in the MJ on 13 March – click here. The fallacy of public sector control is that although…

Who is best placed to lead the integration of public services?

As public services seek to become more joined up, who is best-placed to take the ‘integration leadership’ role? In an article published in the MJ, MV’s John Copps looks at the case for local authorities, the NHS and housing providers, and what we can learn from devolution in Greater Manchester. NHS England has recently announced…

Perfecting Accountable Care Organisations must not delay progress on integration

NHS England has announced plans for a 12-week consultation on the contracting arrangements for Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs). Mutual Ventures Senior Consultant Jamie McMahon argues that whilst ACOs offer an important vehicle for joined-up care, other initiatives that promote integration must continue in the meantime. The development of integrated care is a universally agreed priority…