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Unlocking the benefits of digital technology for population health management

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Digital technology has the potential to transform healthcare, improving access to care, helping patients to take more responsibility for their own health, and driving improvements in efficiency and care co-ordination. However, Apps and Digital Health solutions are not yet widely recognised by professionals as a natural part of the day-to-day management of health and well-being.

The key to achieving better outcomes is to embed Apps and digital solutions into the heart of care pathways. This requires working with clinicians to demonstrate the benefits, gather their input to shape solutions, and give them the confidence and capability to embrace digital solutions.

Better use of digital solutions offers the opportunity to work towards a healthier population, tackle the pressures on the NHS workforce and reduce costs in the long term. Key benefits include:

  • Supporting patients to care for themselves and manage their symptoms

  • Reducing unnecessary appointments or emergency admissions

  • Integrating time-saving solutions into care pathways

  • Increasing access to healthcare among vulnerable populations

Our offer

To support organisations to realise these benefits, Mutual Ventures has built a strategic partnership with ORCHA, the world’s leading provider of health and care App reviews and assessment. ORCHA and Mutual Ventures can provide a comprehensive range of support to help you consider options around Digital Health. Together we provide a single offer, based on an understanding that it is patient outcomes that matter most.

Key areas where we can provide support are:

  • Planning for digital health – developing your strategy and organisation/system-wide thinking, helping you to be ‘digital ready’, and supporting you to find sustainable funding models

  • Stakeholder engagement – working with your partners, staff and patients (as appropriate) to create a shared vision. This includes a particular focus on winning the support of clinicians and demonstrating the benefits

  • Options analysis – evaluating the options for digital solutions and implementation based on what ORCHA can offer, including fit with required outcomes, demand, organisational structure, geography, existing skills and experience, hardware requirements, and cost

  • Testing your business case – an in-depth assessment of the aims, benefits, risks and sustainability of your preferred option, including financial modelling

  • Business planning – thinking through the right approach to ensure the chosen solution can deliver on its promise, and has the right systems and infrastructure to support it

  • Implementing your plan – expert project management support to make the plan a reality

To learn more about how we could help you contact John Copps on

Download a leaflet describing the Mutual Ventures and ORCHA joint offer.

Download PDF • 541KB

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