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Radical Reformers ep.75: Commissioning for Better Outcomes with Lesley Dixon

This episode is with Lesley Dixon. Lesley is the chief executive of PSS, a Liverpool based charity delivering adult social care services and wider support to vulnerable people in Liverpool and across the country.

Lesley is an inspiring leader who has been at the helm of PSS for nearly 15 years, which is a very long tenure in today’s age of chopping and changing jobs. We talk about how you can find a role that you really want to stick at and how it’s also important to make a quick decision if you know an organisation definitely isn’t for you.

We discuss the work of PSS and in particular the Shared Lives scheme, which facilitates community care for vulnerable people (which PSS actually invented in the late 70s!).

A large chunk of the discussion is about what makes for good commissioning and how we’d like to see a greater focus on outcomes rather than inputs and outputs and for there also to be more flexibility in the Commissioner provider relationship. Lesley would also like to see a shift in the emphasis towards preventative services and we talk about how that might happen. It is very difficult for the public sector to account for that type of early investment (something I covered with Rob Whiteman in an earlier episode).

And finally, Lesley wanted to talk about how you leave an organisation well, especially after being there for a long time. It’s a fascinating conversation and I hope you enjoy it.


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