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Radical Reformers ep.3: John Niland, Chief Executive, Provide CIC

On this episode I catch up with John Niland. John is the former Chief Executive of Provide, a Community Interest Company delivering community care services primarily in Essex but also across the country.

Every time I speak to John, I feel I understand what public services should be for and how they should be delivered a little bit better – and this conversation is no exception.

John talks about his career and how he became interested in health and care services. We talk about what it means to be a professional in the care industry and what really motivates people. We discuss organisational culture and how important it is to empower staff in a real way. And we also talk about how to make public services more entrepreneurial and less risk averse.

It’s a fascinating discussion with someone I regard as a true public service pioneer - and there are certainly plenty of lessons for us all.


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