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Radical Reformers ep.23: Philippa Stroud, Chief Executive, Legatum Institute

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

This episode is with Baroness Philippa Stroud.

Philippa is the Chief Executive of the Legatum Institute, a think tank focused on supporting vulnerable people from poverty to prosperity. As Philippa’s title suggests she is not only a policy developer but also a legislator in the House of Lords.

Philippa spent time in government as a Special Adviser and worked on the development and implementation of Universal Credit. We talk about the lessons that were learned from that experience. Philippa has been in the news recently arguing that the £20 rise in Universal Credit implemented last year should be made permanent.

Philippa’s background is incredibly interesting and rich. She spent 17 years on the front line supporting vulnerable people including time as a young person working with ex members of Triad gangs. We talk about Philippa’s work at the Legatum Institute and also as Chair of the Social Metrics Commission which has carried out some very important work on the most effective way to measure poverty.

Finally, we discuss her role in the House of Lords and the role of the House of Lords more generally.

It’s a fascinating discussion and I hope you enjoy it.


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