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Radical Reformers ep.15: Debbie Barnes, Chief Executive, Lincolnshire County Council

This week, the conversation is with Debbie Barnes, the Chief Executive of Lincolnshire County Council.

This episode is a bit different in that it is my Mutual Ventures colleague, David Fairhurst, asking the questions in the main interview segment - and I think he does a great job!

To be fair, he has an amazing guest. Debbie was formerly the Director of Children’s Services (DCS) in Lincolnshire before becoming Chief Executive. She talks about the children’s services improvement journey the council have been on and the very specific challenge of maintaining an “Outstanding” service. Lincolnshire plays an important role in supporting other councils to improve their children’s services and Debbie describes how that “symbiotic” relationship works.

It might surprise you to hear that progressing from DCS to Chief Executive is not a typical move and Debbie describes brilliantly what that was like for her and the challenges she faced.

Finally, Debbie also talks about the relationship between the council and health partners and how that has come to the fore during the pandemic.


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