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Radical Reformers ep.40: Edna Robinson

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Edna Robinson, Chair, Greater Manchester Alternative Provider Federation

This episode is with Edna Robinson. Edna is nothing short of a legend in public service circles. She is currently the Chair of the Big Life Group, The Greater Manchester Alternative Provider Federation and the People’s Powerhouse. She started her professional career as a midwife and worked her way up to be Chief Executive of a number of NHS organisations and a special advisor in central government.

This is a very frank conversation in which Edna and Andrew discuss the current NHS reforms – is this just more of the same people in the same echo chamber? They talk about the important role charities and social enterprises play in the health and care system (which is where the Alternative Provider Federation comes in) and the importance of the third sector being able to operate professionally at scale.

Edna and Andrew also discuss the critical role of the “lay voice” within care pathways and how important it is for leaders of large organisations to stay connected to people on the front line.


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