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Our guide to writing business cases

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

A key challenge for leaders and decision-makers in public services is how best to use the limited resources available to meet the needs of their local communities.

A good business case can help you make a sound and fully informed decision about a proposed course of action, such as a new project or programme. It gives you a strong grip on the options, key issues, benefits, costs and risks over the short and long term, based on the available evidence.

The Five Case Model is a best practice approach to business cases, developed by HM Treasury. It is widely used in central government and across the public sector to assess proposed investment and spending.

Our guide - Building a Strong Business Case - introduces the five case model and the issues you may want to consider in each case. It is based on our experience of supporting public services to develop robust business cases. We hope you find it useful!

Download a copy of our guide to building strong business cases.

Download • 992KB

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