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Our coaching approach

Mutual Ventures uses a coaching methodology to support our clients, when appropriate.

Coaching is a process that helps a person think through issues and challenges and develop their own solutions.

Through the coaching relationship, individuals are supported to learn and improve their performance. The coach and client work together as partners.

About our coaching methodology

  • We believe that people are resourceful and, with support, can find their own solutions.

  • We build trusting relationships with our clients to guide them through projects, and facilitate their learning and development.

  • We acknowledge that our clients are experts and work alongside them to understand the uniqueness of their services, relationships and local circumstances. We complement this with specific subject matter knowledge and experience.

  • Our approach is flexible and tailored to meet individual needs. We do not try to force our clients’ into adopting set solutions or models.

  • The coaching methodology is an important part of Mutual Ventures’ culture. We practice it within our business to support each other.

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