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MV CCIN Fringe event: A co-operative strategy to underpin your recovery from COVID-19

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

On the 7th October we were delighted to host a joint fringe event with Bates Wells at the 2020 Co-operative Councils Innovation Network’s annual conference.

Mutual Ventures’ Andrew Laird and Jamie McMahon and Bates Wells’ Abbie Rumbold were joined by Mike O’Keeffe, Head of Commissioning for Mental Health and Learning Disability at Rochdale Borough Council and CCG, and Rachel Law, Chief Executive of PossAbilities, an adult social care provider based in Rochdale.

The session reflected on how a co-operative approach has allowed Rochdale Borough Council to support its most vulnerable through the crisis, working hand in hand with local organisations like PossAbilities.

The session discussed the importance of local authorities adopting a strategy that embeds communities at every level, as we recover from the COIVD-19 crisis. This approach can be underpinned by MV’s co-operative framework, which aims to support local authorities to emerge from this crisis with stronger communities by using a clear roadmap – from strategic co-operation between local partners to communities delivering public services.

Watch a recording of the CCIN fringe event! (57mins)

To speak to us about how we could help you with a recovery strategy contact

Mutual Ventures’ co-operative framework

The fringe event’s discussion is underpinned by MV’s co-operative framework. Our framework outlines an approach to recovery from local authorities that empowers and strengthens communities, building on the lessons from the crisis to harness collective action between local people, businesses and public services in a new way.

Recovery is not about returning to ‘business as usual’. Local authorities need to think through how they can navigate the uncertainties, sustain those positive changes and work alongside their partners and communities to tackle the challenges laid bare by COVID-19.

To successfully lead communities a coherent strategy is needed that looks across the whole system, based on genuine collaboration with communities.

Find out more about our approach here.


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