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Free webinars: Harnessing the power of data to transform children’s and adults social care, Tu

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Join our two webinars, in partnership with SCIE and Xantura, to explore how data can empower social workers to make better decisions, save money by identifying at risk cohorts early and preventing escalation, and improve resource planning by better predicting demand.

The webinars are designed for Directors, Assistant Directors, Heads of Service and Principal Social Workers.

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The webinar on children’s social care will take place on Tuesday 8th September at 11.00 – 12.00.

To register click here.

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The webinar on adult social care will take place on Friday 11th September at 11.30 – 12.30.

To register click here.

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These webinars will be co-hosted by Mutual Ventures (children’s social care), SCIE (adult social care) and Xantura (both), and will include contributions from local authority partners.

More about the children’s social care webinar

Rising demand and costs of social care are a familiar story across children’s services. Add to that the expectations of a spike in referrals following COVID-19, and decisions on how to prioritise resources will be increasingly important.

More than ever, a clear understanding of local populations is needed for services to be effective and keep children safe. This webinar explores the power of data to predict demand, understand risk, target your resources and achieve the best possible outcomes for children.

This webinar will explore the following:

  1. How to identify at risk cohorts earlier, prevent escalation, and reduce demand for high cost placements

  2. The benefits of better data for social workers and how it can support them to make decisions

  3. How data can support multi-agency safeguarding arrangements and relationships with partners

  4. How to develop better organisational capability to sustain and embed these approaches

  5. How data analytics can help you to become a leader in your field

To register for this webinar click here.

More about the adults social care webinar

With the return of localised lockdown, it is increasingly clear that COVID-19 is far from over. We are likely to see fluctuations in levels of infections and the need for highly localised responses for months to come. The economic downturn we are now entering will also lead to increased demand for adult social care, with more people facing poverty, mental ill-health and social isolation.

In this context, it is vital that local authorities have good understanding of their communities by using and interpreting the best available data. They need to understand the key risks and future demands across their local populations. They need to know how to develop specific strategies and approaches to agreed priority populations by focusing on which cohorts they are trying to target, and identifying who and where are they.

The webinar will explore:

  1. How to develop an evidence-led and risk-based view of your population including future scenarios and costs

  2. How to identify the key risks and future demands across your population

  3. How to better target early intervention work and delay entry and/or progression into the care and support system for the priority population cohorts

  4. What impacts can be delivered and what ‘benefits’ might that yield, for people, communities and wider place

  5. How to develop better organisational capability to sustain and embed these approaches

To register for this webinar click here.


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