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Comment from MV's Andrew Laird on the Autumn Statement

MV's Managing Director Andrew Laird comments on the government's budget statement, held on 17th November 2022, and what it means for public services. He also introduces the next two guests on MV's Radical Reformers podcast, local government researcher Jack Shaw and New Local’s Jessica Studdert.

Key points from Andrew's comments include:

  • The outlook for public services is not rosy, although there is some more money for the NHS and adult social care, with the latter funded by council tax

  • Round 2 of the Levelling Up Fund and the Shared Prosperity Fund appear to have been squeezed

  • There were no announcements on which projects will be funded by the Levelling Up Fund with decisions promised 'by the end of the year'. This will put more pressure on councils to spend money in 2022-23

  • The UK has fallen behind on public service reform, including in children's social care and progress on population health management

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