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Catch up on our webinar: AI in Public Services – The Art Of The Possible

Catch up on our webinar - AI in Public Services - The Art Of The Possible - held on Wednesday 7th February 2024.

Watch here

Artificial Intelligence is developing at breakneck speed with the standard Silicon Valley attitude of “go fast and break things”. This creates a serious dilemma for public service leaders. They cannot simply licence the wide-spread adoption of this new, often unvetted, technology - but neither can they afford to ignore the potential service user's engagement, productivity and analytical benefits.

At the start of December, Mutual Ventures hosted a webinar exploring a “values-driven approach to AI in public services”, which featured Newcastle City Council, with whom we have been working. To find out more about our work with Newcastle City Council, click here.

This webinar moves the conversation on to look at some real examples of where AI is starting to make a positive difference to public services and explore:

  • How can AI deliver better, more responsive services to service users/ residents?

  • How can risk be managed?

  • How can you bring people with you on the journey when adopting new AI technology?

  • How should you structure and invest to save arguments for decision-makers?

This webinar was chaired by Andrew Laird from Mutual Ventures with expert input from:

  • Jabed Hussain, Associate Director for Digital Transformation at Achieving for Children (a leading children’s services company)

  • Darren Crombie, the founder of Bridgit Care (who provide pioneering support for carers using AI tools).

If you would like to discuss any of the topics covered in this webinar, contact

Mutual Ventures are approved suppliers on the Crown Commercial Service Artificial Intelligence Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).


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