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Radical Reformers ep.26: Kathy Evans, Chief Executive, Children England

This episode is with Kathy Evans and it is fascinating and timely.

Kathy is the Chief Executive of Children England which is the membership organisation for third sector organisations delivering children’s services. They are also a very effective campaigning organisation.

The conversation is in two parts. The first is almost like a “how to” guide in executing a campaign to encourage Government to change direction on a particular policy. The policy we use as an example was a move to allow the private provision of child protection services. Kathy goes into detail on how the campaign to restrict the outsourcing of this to third sector organisations was constructed and executed.

The second part of the conversation is about children and we talk about the impact of Covid-19 and how the pandemic has exacerbated a lot of the challenges that already existed. We also talk about the engagement Children England have carried out with young people and there are some very valuable insights into how the younger generation view public services and what is important to them.

This is a must for anyone thinking of designing and implementing public policy.


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