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Case Study: Ealing Borough Council Levelling Up Fund

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Client: Ealing Borough Council

Date: June 2021

Challenges faced by the client:

Ealing Borough Council (the Council) saw the Levelling Up Fund as an opportunity to develop the local area and invest in infrastructure projects to stimulate regeneration, provide greater access to services, and address inequalities.

Like other London boroughs, Ealing experiences high levels of car usage, congestion, poor air quality, and limited active travel infrastructure such as bike lines. Levelling Up funding offered an opportunity for the Council to provide a series of pragmatic and high-impact interventions focused along the A312 and Kensington Road corridors. These included

  • New connections to active travel routes.

  • New pedestrian and cycle crossings.

  • Widening and segregation of cycle lanes and footways.

  • Improved entry points on side roads.

  • Adding new traffic restrictions.

  • Increased cycle storage.

  • Lighting and signage upgrades.

  • A new bus stop and accessibility enhancements to existing bus stops.

These interventions would deliver a positive impact on the local area and improve residents’ lives.

Support offered:

Mutual Ventures were appointed by the Council to lead the development of a strategy to ‘Level Up’ Ealing and deliver a high-quality bid to central government for funding as part of the Levelling Up Fund Round 1.

We provided hands-on support across the extensive bid document, as well as strategic support to senior stakeholders within the Council. As part of our work, we provided specialist assistance on the economic case of the bid, working with the Council and our partners Project Centre to develop a comprehensive economic model, and accompanying narrative for the project. This involved developing robust assumptions for economic benefits to be derived through the project and testing project costings with the Council.

The work was delivered over a short and intense period in the run-up to the submission deadline. We had to work to tight deadlines to make sure the Council was able to submit their successful bid.

Outcome achieved:

The Council’s Levelling Up Fund application was submitted ahead of the deadline. The application had strong support from the local MP, local community groups, local businesses, and residents.

The anticipated outcomes include:

  • Support shift to healthier and sustainable travel modes to access key services and jobs.

  • Improve user experience and road safety.

  • Improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.

  • Enhance the quality of the public realm and natural environment to make the area a more attractive place to live and work and increase local pride.

  • Drive economic growth.

Our work on the Levelling Up Fund was successful with £7.2m awarded for the London Borough of Ealing's Northolt Multi-Modal Travel Scheme, which aims to redevelop crucial travel infrastructure around Ealing.


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