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Emmet Regan

Chief Operating Officer

Emmet is an experienced problem solver who understands how to deliver results from within an organisational context. Previous to joining Mutual Ventures, he spent six years as the Head of the CEO’s office at the City of London Corporation, acting as the primary resource for the Chief Executive to achieve his vision across the organisation.

Emmet is passionate about public service reform and improving outcomes, and focuses on putting words into actions. Emmet has worked across a variety of public sector areas. Previous to his role in the City of London, he had a varied background including advising a UK Cabinet Minister and working for an international charity in Washington D.C. He also spent several years as a Special Constable with the Metropolitan Police. Emmet holds an MBA from Warwick Business School.

When not boring people with his theories of public service reform, Emmet continues to believe he could have played for either the Leinster or Ireland rugby teams if it wasn’t for the fact he wasn’t any good at playing rugby.

07714 620486

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