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Local Authorities and Local Health Boards are experiencing unprecedented budgetary pressures at a time when demands on public services continue to rise.  Reform is essential if public bodies and third sector organisations are to effectively promote economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being. Building resilience and establishing a whole system approach is essential if services are to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Local Authorities and Local Health Boards (with oversight from Regional Partnership Boards and Public Service Boards) will soon be expected to promote collaboration involving the regional planning, commissioning and delivery of services – the future is sustainable and integrated services, particularly in relation to health, education and social care. The system is too diverse for a ‘one-size fits all’ solution, so regional solutions need to be found.

Questions currently facing decision makers include:

  • How will need be met?
  • How should services be organised to promote outcomes, co-production and integration?
  • How can long term sustainability be achieved?

We offer a wide range of support to Local Authorities, Local Health Boards and third sector organisations:

Strategic planning – our team can support you to consider what regional collaboration could look like, across (for example) outcome areas or service user pathways.  We support both Local Authorities and Local Health Boards to consider the opportunities to integrate or aggregate services on a local or regional basis. From a Local Health Board perspective, we can support you to consider the suitability of a range of new care models. Find out more about our Strategy service.

Service transformation – we can help Local Authorities and Local Health Boards to consider changes to the way services are delivered, with a view to improving their quality and sustainability. This may be through the development of a new Public Service Operating Model framework which adapts services to the new reality being driven by recent policy and legislation. Find out more about our Service Transformation offer.

New delivery models – our team support the redesign of existing services or new organisational forms, such as public sector-owned trading companies, joint ventures and independent social enterprises. Through a tried and tested process which includes appraising your options, engaging with key stakeholders and developing a robust business case we can support you through the entire journey. Find out more about our New Delivery Models service.

Our offer specific to Social Enterprises and Charities operating within Wales includes:

Growth and Partnerships – we support a wide range of organisations to develop and grow. This is typically through wining new contracts developing new traded services and supporting the development of resilient partnerships. Find out more about our Growth and Partnerships service.

Investment and Impact- we can help you to consider whether investment is the right option for you and support you on your journey to accessing investment. Demonstrating your social impact effectively is key to accessing opportunities for investment and contracts. We can help you to design and implement your approach to measuring social impact. Find out more about our Investment and Impact service.


If you would like more information or to discuss how we can help, please get in touch with Mark Bandalli:

Some examples of our work:

Pen-y-Bont Health- MV supported a group of six GP surgeries to establish as a federated social enterprise. Read the full case study

Bridgend County Borough Council – MV worked with senior officers, managers and front-line staff to undertake a feasibility study and options appraisal. MV also undertook a feasibility study to assess the desirability, viability and feasibility of establishing a Local Authority Trading Company to house a number of in-house social care services. Read the full case study

Powys County Council – MV supported the council’s Scrutiny Committee to assess the desirability, viability and feasibility of a full business case relating to the establishment of a Local Authority Trading Company.  Our support involved a number of training sessions to Scrutiny Committee members, while we also undertook an objective review of the full business case.