Mutual Ventures

Case studies

Sussex community and primary care integration

In 2019, MV worked with Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust to design and develop a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to allow  the acquisition and integration of primary care services with the Trust’s own community services.

Across the UK, primary care is under ever-increasing pressure, with activity on the rise, growing patient expectation of rapid access to GPs, reduced funding and insufficient workforce. These issues are further compounded at a local level by a fragmented delivery model, within which independent GP Practices of varying sizes provide the entry point into the NHS, often in isolation from all other services. Looking at these issues locally, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust concluded that a new delivery model which would bring community and primary care together in a fresh environment was required.

Mutual Ventures developed an options appraisal to build the case for change and identify the preferred delivery model and legal form for the new model. We subsequently developed this work into a full business case to assess the strategic, economic, commercial, financial and management considerations associated with the proposition and to give the trust all the information needed to make a robust decision.

Working directly with the Executive Board and senior leaders, we ensured a collaborative approach, ensuring the identification of a preferred delivery model that met the requirements of all key stakeholders, while being open about the technical issues that required consideration/resolution and the cost/risk involved. Our approach ensured that the end result was fully understood by all.

Our support resulted in the creation of a new Company Limited by Shares (wholly owned by the Trust) into which GP practices have transferred.

‘’What a great team. I genuinely believe MV’s behaviour deserves recognition and their impact has been amazing. The clear way MV presented the processes helped the team get up to speed quickly. Their tremendous contribution to our business case demonstrated real next-level skill’’. Carol Boyd-Jones, Commercial Development Manager, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust