Mutual Ventures


The environment within which public services operate is fundamentally changing and leaders are having to think in different ways to ensure their services can survive and thrive. Services are facing ever increasing pressure from a range of inter-related challenges:

  • An increased focus on delivering services at greater scale to improve efficiency and outcomes and reduce cost
  • A rise in demand for services – particularly due to demographic changes
  • Increased complexity of service user needs and a resulting greater interdependence between services
  • Devolution and shift to ‘place-based’ models

These challenges cannot be met without thinking and delivering differently. Examples of new approaches include:

  • Integration across traditional public service boundaries
  • Re-drawing geographical footprints
  • Focusing on wider delivery system with multiple partners
  • Development of new models of delivery

In order to deliver in this evolving context, commissioners and providers of public services need to fundamentally re-think how public services are delivered and how public service systems operate and interact with one another. Change will only be sustainable if the whole system works together.

The team at MV are uniquely placed to provide bespoke thinking to solve complex challenges. We provide strategic insight and support to services and organisations using quantitative and qualitative methods to develop tailored solutions to their challenges. Our team work in a partnership with our clients, ensuring everything we do is grounded in deliverable outcomes.


If you would like more information or to discuss how we can help, please get in touch with Emmet Regan:

See examples of our work here.

Essex community health and adult social care integration – In 2019, MV worked with Essex County Council and Provide (the mid-Essex community health provider) to explore opportunities for the integration of adult social care and community health. We explored whether changes to structures and organisational form could provide a stronger platform for collaboration, and improve outcomes for people in the Mid Essex area. Read the full case study.

Lincolnshire County Council commissioned MV to support them in understanding the process involved in creating an Integrated Care Organisation and to develop a roadmap for integrating adult social care services with local health services. Read the full case study

Torbay Council asked MV to develop a base case for the proposal to move from their current model where children’s services are provided by Torbay Council, to a commissioned model where children’s services would be delivered by Torbay and South Devon Foundation Trust. Read the full case study

MV were commissioned by Knowsley Borough Council to provide a strategic overview of future delivery models for children’s services. Read the full case study