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Catch up on our webinar: Should “local” be the default for all public services?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Catch up on our webinar on should "local" be the default for all public services. This webinar took place on Tuesday 18th April 2023.

Watch here

Central government civil servants want to solve big problems. That’s what motivated most of them to pick public service as a career. However, most big problems manifest themselves in a local context, so solving them requires understanding of both the local issues and the locally available means for solving them.

What is the right balance? Should devolving power to local areas be the default starting point for all delivery?

In this webinar, Mutual Ventures’ Andrew Laird discussed this important question with Senior Consultant Morgan Finlayson, a former civil servant, with expert input from:

  • Prof. Kate Ardern – former Director of Public Health at Wigan Council

  • Dr. Simon Kaye - Policy and Research Director at the Reform Think Tank

To listen to Kate's Radical Reformers podcast episode, click here. You can also catch up on Simon's Radical Reformers podcast episode here.

If you would like to discuss this topic in more detail, contact or


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