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Radical Reformers ep.6: Julian Le Grand, Social Policy Professor, LSE

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

This latest episode is a little different. Usually, I speak to operational public service leaders but this conversation is with one of the UK's leading public service reform thinkers, Prof. Sir Julian Le Grand from LSE.

In a very wide ranging conversation we talk about his time working with Tony Blair in Number 10 and whether there are any parallels to be drawn from his experience and what’s going on in Downing Street right now.

But we spend most of the time talking about the work Julian has been doing over lockdown on what he calls the “hybrid economy”. This is a new, more co-operative, social and local form of capitalism which focuses on the creation of organisations and companies with a strong focus on community as well as financial sustainability. I think this will be of great interest to both central government policy makers and local leaders as they look to plan recovery from Covid-19.


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