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Radical Reformers ep.51: Homes for Ukraine with Paul Morrison

Updated: May 17, 2023

Paul Morrison, Former head of the Homes for Ukraine refugee programme

This episode is with Paul Morrison, the civil servant who ran the “Homes for Ukraine” refugee housing programme. As you would expect, it is a fascinating story of collaboration and trust between central government, local government, the third sector and communities.

Before this Paul had also led the Syrian refugee rehousing programme and he describes how he was able to bring to bear the lessons learned and the network he built up during that crisis to deal with the more extreme (in terms of speed and numbers) Ukrainian crisis.

Paul is multi-talented to say the least, so there are multiple dimensions to this conversation.

He is now the Chief Executive of The Planning Inspectorate and part of our discussion is about helping listeners understand the context of the often very political public discourse on the number of houses we are building in the UK.

Finally, Paul is also a driving force of a group of radically minded public servants who gather to discuss public service reform and particularly how to break down barriers between departments and service areas and also between the public, private and third sector. It’s a fascinating group and I have been lucky enough to participate in some of the sessions.


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