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Radical Reformers ep.49: Empowering communities with Katie Kelly

Katie Kelly, Deputy Chief Executive, East Ayrshire Council

This episode is with Katie Kelly, the Deputy Chief Executive of East Ayrshire Council and the focus is on the benefits of empowering communities.

This is an amazing conversation with a truly inspirational leader. When you listen, I think you will agree we need more like Katie working in public services.

There is little doubt East Ayrshire is leading the way on community engagement and community power. They have a very advanced and mature model which includes significant achievements in transferring assets to communities. We get into some detail as to how that works. There is a drive for transferring assets to community ownership and English councils could learn a lot from this Scottish exemplar.

Katie also talks about how East Ayrshire engages with third sector to deliver services. They have a rich history of supporting and trusting community based organisations – a trust which was repaid over the difficult pandemic years.

Finally, we discussed Katie’s history as a high level sports player and coach and how she has brought the lessons she learned from that experience to bear as a public sector leader.


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