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Radical Reformers ep.31: Alison Hopkins, Chief Executive, Accelerate CIC

This conversation is with Alison Hopkins, Chief Executive of Accelerate CIC, an organisation which provides lymphoedema and wound care services in the north-east of London.

There is a lot of talk in the healthcare sector about shifting resources away from treatment and towards prevention and this is a fantastic case study. Alison describes in detail how the team at Accelerate have taken the initiative to provide early support to prevent the need for long-term expensive care wherever possible.

Alison is very honest about what it has been like to lead a small health organisation over the past two years of the pandemic whilst also trying to find their place in the new Integrated Care System.

We talk a lot about balance e.g. finding the right balance between projecting confidence but also being secure enough to be vulnerable - and also finding the right balance between running a sustainable organisation and pursuing a “mission”.

Enjoy it!


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