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Radical Reformers ep.28: Isobel Hunter, Chief Executive, Libraries Connected

I am a big fan of libraries and in particular the “modern library” and the positive role it can play as an institution in our communities and in supporting critical public services. So, I am delighted that this episode is with Isobel Hunter, the Chief Executive of Libraries Connected, the Arts Council England funded umbrella organisation for libraries in the UK.

A casual observer (basing their views solely on media reports) could be forgiven for thinking libraries are in a state of terminal decline - but this is absolutely not the case. Isobel and I discuss the evolving role of libraries from simple book lender to community hub providing a much wider range of support. We also discuss how libraries are playing an important role in high profile government agendas such as Levelling Up, family hubs and the drive for digital inclusion.

Finally, we talk about Libraries connected role as the bridge between central government and libraries on the front line. Libraries have a lot of supporters within parliament and from this discussion it’s not hard to see why. I hope you enjoy it and can appreciate the role libraries play in our public life.


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