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Radical Reformers ep.25: Mel Pickup. Chief Executive, Bradford Teaching Hospitals Trust

On this episode I speak with Mel Pickup, Chief Executive of Bradford Teaching Hospitals Trust, which is part of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Integrated Care System. I have already spoken with Rob Webster, the ICS Chief Exec Lead, so it is was fascinating to get Mel’s perspective as well.

Mel is also the lead for the Bradford District and Craven “Place Based Partnership” which covers everything to do with health and wellbeing and involves collaboration between the NHS, councils and third/independent sector providers. We discuss how this works and what the evolving partnership has meant for the area’s response to Covid-19.

We discuss the changing nature of acute hospital care and some of the important cultural and operational changes which are encouraging everyone to work together to get people healthy and back in their communities.

I was really heartened by this conversation and if Mel’s approach and attitude is mirrored across the country then we might just see a significant step change in how the NHS works in partnership with other public services…


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