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Radical Reformers ep.36: Sophie Clarke

Sophie Clarke, Director, Capacity

This episode is with Sophie Clarke, a Director of Capacity, an organisation based in the north-west of England that bridges the gap between consultancy and delivery – they describe themselves as a “do tank” not just a “think tank”.

Capacity’s core purpose is about making public services “people services” and Sophie explains exactly what that means (and in particular the importance of relationships) better than anyone I’ve ever spoken to. Sophie clearly “gets” what it takes to make a meaningful positive change to people’s lives.

We spend time talking about the Juno Project, a Liverpool based initiative which is challenging the children’s residential care market. This market is plagued with private providers charging huge sums, placing children and young people far from their communities and generally not delivering good outcomes. There is genuinely radical innovation here and from a practical perspective we talk about the challenge of getting this project up and running and properly funded.

You will be able to tell I really enjoyed speaking with Sophie and I hope you enjoy listening!


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