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Catch up on our webinar: Reflections on the Liberating Public Services Conference

Catch up on our webinar - Reflections on the Liberating Public Services Conference. This webinar was held on Tuesday 7th May 2024.

Watch here

The "Liberated Method" of delivering public services aims to establish tailored support that originates from individuals and extends outward, resulting in decreased demand and costs throughout the system, increased satisfaction among staff, and, most importantly, enhanced quality of life for citizens.

Following the successful Liberating Public Services Conference in March, Mutual Ventures' CEO Andrew Laird was joined on this webinar by the creators of the "Liberated Method" to reflect on insights gained from the event and explore future steps.

Andrew was joined by

  • Mark Smith, Director of Public Service Reform at Gateshead Council

  • Hannah Hesselgreaves, Professor of Organisational Learning at Northumbria University.

To listen to Mark's Radical Reformers podcast episode, click here. Catch up on Donna's Radical Reformers podcast here. 

If you would like to discuss any of the topics covered in this webinar, contact 


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