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Fostering Recruitment & Retention Learning Week - Save the Dates!

Updated: May 15

We are thrilled to invite you to our Fostering Recruitment & Retention Learning Week from Monday 10th June - Thursday 13th June.

During this week, we will be a running a series of free webinars designed to share learning from the Department for Education’s Fostering Recruitment & Retention Programme. 

Since August 2023, we have been supporting ten groups of local authorities to set up new Fostering Recruitment Support Hubs as centrally-run recruitment services, working across groups of local authorities. These hubs provide a single point of contact for people interested in fostering, supporting them throughout the recruitment journey from initial enquiry to application.

During our Learning Week we will reflect on progressshowcase examples of good practice in regional collaboration and fostering recruitment, and celebrate success! 

You will also hear directly from colleagues who are working in new Fostering Recruitment Support Hubs about their experience.


Session 1: From Competition to Collaboration: The Role of Fostering Recruitment Support Hubs 

Monday 10th June, 10AM-11AM

Addressing the shortage of foster carers to provide stable homes for vulnerable children is vital. In this webinar, we’ll explore the shift from competition to collaboration embodied in new Fostering Recruitment Support Hubs. Aimed at professionals across the wider children’s sector, this webinar will introduce the DfE’s Fostering Recruitment and Retention Programme and explore the transformative potential of fostering recruitment support hubs.


Session 2: Partnering for Success: The Role of Foster Carers in Service Innovation

Tuesday 11th June, 10AM-11AM

Foster carers have played an indispensable role in designing new fostering recruitment support hubs. Prepare for an engaging panel discussion featuring foster carers actively engaged in the design and delivery of new Fostering Recruitment Support Hubs, alongside those who have championed co-production on the programme. Together, we'll delve into pertinent topics, including navigating co-production within a fast-moving programme, best practice examples and lessons learned by clusters.


Session 3: Making the case for Fostering Recruitment Support Hubs in the longer-term

Wednesday 12th June, 10AM-11AM

How should colleagues in fostering recruitment support hubs approach making the case for long-term investment? What evidence do senior leaders need to see to demonstrate success? This webinar will offer first-hand insights into the promising beginnings of recruitment support hubs, explore how they can build their case for long-term investment, and share lessons learned around monitoring and reporting.


Session 4: Mapping the Road Ahead: Reflections and Looking To The Future

Thursday 13th June, 10AM-11AM

Now that ten fostering recruitment support hubs are up-and-running, what should they do next? In this webinar, we will be joined by those involved in recruitment support hubs in a panel discussion to reflect on the progress made so far, and explore key priorities and aspirations for the future. 


Register now, and stay tuned for more updates.


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