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The power of Family-led decision-making in social care II: Kelly's story

Hear from Kelly about she was reunited with her son with the help of Newcastle City Council's Family Group Conferencing service.

This video was recorded as part of the Department for Education's Strengthening Families Protecting Children programme.

About Family Group Conferencing

Family Group Conferences provide a practical way of enabling families to be at the centre of the process of resolving the issues facing their child.

A Family Group Conference (FGC) is a meeting that brings together all the people in a child’s life to develop a plan to protect and support them. The process aims to be empowering for the family, giving them the chance to make decisions. The intended outcome of an FGC is a practical plan for the child that allows them to safely remain with their family.

This video is intended to be helpful for share information about FGCs with social workers and other practitioners. It is embedded from Newcastle City Council's YouTube channel.

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To hear a summary of FGC in Newcastle and its benefits for families click here.


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