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Eliza Hardwick: I've learnt that... every challenge is different

Eliza's reflection:

I’ve learnt that each individual works, operates and sees things from a different perspective. Having worked in teaching, finance and now consultancy, I have learnt how to adapt to working with a wide array of people and listen closely to their varying aspirations, goals and also concerns.

I am learning that understanding unique challenges and being adaptable is also very important when working with the public sector. A ‘lift and shift’ approach will not always do the job effectively. At MV, I’ve learnt that each project and client require a bespoke and individualistic approach, that the company always strives to create and deliver.

For example, within the Strengthening Families, Protecting Children programme, when implementing innovation and change, each adopter has their own specific local contextual problems that are particular to the place and the people that live there. Our team works hard to understand how each adopter is different, and how we can provide help to them in the most effective way possible.

This perspective is also central to our new people and place offering, where we are helping local authorities to develop clear long-term strategic priorities. Working to develop these plans will allow local authorities to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger and to tackle longer-term social and economic issues with limited resources.

Myself and the team at MV will continue to listen closely to our clients, understand their needs and create adaptable, bespoke solutions.

To learn more about our work with children's services contact Eliza eliza.hardwick@mutualventures.co.uk.

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