Mutual Ventures

Pen-y-Bont Health

The unprecedented challenges facing health services across Wales have led those responsible for planning, co-ordinating and delivering services to consider a range of options that would change the way services are delivered.  An increasing number of Local Health Boards and network clusters are considering the desirability, viability and feasibility of establishing a range of alternative delivery models.  The intention is for these new models to encourage local level innovation and support the sustainable transfer of services from secondary to primary care settings.

The six GP Practices that make up the Bridgend East Network cluster have established a special purpose vehicle (SPV), in the form of a Company Limited by Guarantee.  The SPV operates on a not-for-(private)-profit basis, with the surpluses realised being re-invested in order to further the socially focussed objectives of the organisation – as such SPV qualifies as a social enterprise.

Mutual Ventures supported this group of 6 GP surgeries to establish the SPCC.  Our support involved the development of an options appraisal, business plan and delivery of transition support. We supported the practices to establish a delivery model that enabled the sharing of resources, increasing the level of integrated working between primary, acute and social care and bidding for a range of sizable contracts.

The SPV provides a sustainable, efficient and viable platform on which the Local Health Board can confidently and successfully transfer services from Secondary Care settings.  The new entity is currently supporting the development of relationships across the health economy (for example by promoting integration between health and social care, and joint working with local third sector organisations), while also overseeing the delivery of community based counselling and out-of-hours call handling.

The SPV has been structured in a way that allows the GP Practices to share the risks associated with the development of innovative and patient focussed services.

Paul Thomas, Practice Manager, Pen-y-Bont Health Ltd: “We would definitely recommend Mutual Ventures to network clusters considering a federated model. Their support during the options appraisal, business planning and post-establishment stages was essential in helping us establish our social enterprise. Informed, supportive and hands-on, while their ‘critical friend’ function made sure we challenged ourselves and our thinking.  They also acted as a broker between us and the LHB, which helped to flag and address a range of technical issues that we faced along the way.”