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As part of our commitment to supporting public services and championing innovation, we regularly host webinars to discuss the latest topics and trends in public services, and share good practice.

Here you can find a link to all our recent and forthcoming webinars, all of which you can watch for free. We hope you enjoy them and find them useful. If you do, please share with your colleagues and friends.

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Upcoming webinars

Levelling Up Fund: Get a head start on the application process – sign up

Date: Wednesday 17th February 11am-12noon

About: With applications to the Government’s Levelling Up Fund expected to begin in ‘early 2021’, many local leaders will want to start preparing so they can get a head start on the process. The £4bn Fund will support local areas and communities to improve ‘the infrastructure of everyday life’ and stimulate economies through investment in regeneration projects.

During the webinar, our expert panel will discuss what we know about the Levelling Up Fund, the key elements of a business case/application you will need to consider, potential project ideas, and the key questions you should be asking yourself in preparation for developing a compelling bid.

Speakers: Andrew Laird, Managing Director at Mutual Ventures, Jane Barrett Co-Founder of Cadence Innova, and Bharati Ghodke Associate Director at Project Centre.

To sign up click here.

Previous webinars

Integration in children’s services: how to build effective partnerships – watch here

Date: Tuesday 9th February 10-11am

About: Providing the support that vulnerable children so desperately need right now requires organisations working together. But how can children’s services like yours make sure they are working effectively with partners in local government, the NHS, and wider community?

Creating an integrated system has been a goal for many years, but the pandemic has accelerated the need to act as struggling families are hit hardest. This webinar brings together experts from local government and the NHS to discuss how you can build integrated services in your area that gives children the best care in a cost efficient way.

Speakers: Jack Cordery, former Service Director at Cornwall Council; Deborah Woodcock, Principal Social Worker at Stockport Council; Maura Appleby, Stockport Family Lead at Stockport NHS Trust; and Aaron Gain, Programme Lead at West Sussex Joint Commissioning Unit.

Strategic priorities in and beyond the crisis: how to build back better webinar – watch here

Date: Thursday 15th October 2-3pm

About: Covid-19 has placed immense pressure on public services and shown the vital role of Local Authorities in leading their communities through the crisis. Local Authority leaders are uniquely placed to think about what comes next, and how people and places can recover, reset and thrive. Join our webinar to hear about the implications of Covid-19 for the Government’s levelling up agenda, and what this might mean in practice for your local area.

Speakers: Danny Kruger MP, Member of Parliament for Devizes and government advisor; Damian Allen, Chief Executive of Doncaster Council; Andrew Laird, Managing Director of Mutual Ventures

Family Group Conferences (FGC) webinar – watch here

Date: Thursday 1st October 10-11am

About: Family Group Conferencing is widely used across local authorities and the COVID-19 pandemic has raised questions about how to best to deliver them. The webinar shares the latest innovations and learning from FGCs to help inform the development of the model in your local authority.

Speakers: Kathy Nuza, FGC Lead, Bi-Borough Local Authorities; Tim Fisher, Service Manager for FGC and Restorative Practice, London Borough of Camden); Professor Peter Marsh, Emeritus Professor of Child & Family Welfare, University of Sheffield

Increased Collaboration and Alignment across NHS Community Services webinar – watch here

Date: Tuesday 29th September 10-11am

About: This webinar explores how best to work with Community Provider partners to deliver better health services. It sets out you can set up a community-led approach for success and how you can work with your Community Provider partners to help deliver a high quality, cost effective service for the communities you support.

Speakers: Carly Caton, Partner, Bevan Brittan LLP; Matt Carter, Mutual Ventures
This webinar is co-hosted with Bevan Brittan LLP.

Harnessing the power of data to transform children’s social care – watch here

Date: Tuesday 8th September 10-11am

About: The webinar explores how data can empower social workers to make better decisions, save money by identifying at risk cohorts early and prevent escalation, and improve resource planning by better predicting demand.

Speakers: Pye Nyunt, Head of Insight and Innovation at the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham; Tom McBride, Director of Evidence, Early Intervention Foundation; and Hannah Celia and Wajid Shafiq from Xantura Limited.
This webinar is co-hosted with Xantura.

Co-operative Approaches to COVID-19 Recovery webinar – watch here

Date: Wednesday 16th September 10-11am

About: The webinar discussed how local government can adopt a co-operative approach to recovery, learn the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic and develop a plan that embeds communities at every level using our co-operative framework for recovery.

Speakers: Abbie Rumbold, Partner at Bates Wells; Scott Darraugh, Chief Executive of Social adVentures; Andrew Laird, Managing Director of Mutual Ventures.
This webinar is co-hosted with Bates Wells LLP.

Family Hubs: Building back better webinar – watch here

Date: Wednesday 22nd July 10-11.30am

About: A webinar with the Family Hubs Network exploring the family hub model of integrated local public services. Family Hubs are an emerging ultra-localised way of delivering public services, which brings together public service professionals and communities to provide support to those who need it the most.

Speakers: Lord Farmer, founder of the Family Hubs Network; Isle of Wight Council; Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council; Essex County Council
This webinar is co-hosted with Family Hubs Network.