Mutual Ventures

Optimo Partnership – Alternative Delivery Model toolkit

As part of the Optimo partnership (which includes Mutual Ventures and four Public Service Mutual library services), MV led on the development of the Libraries: Alternative Delivery Model Toolkit.

The toolkit was developed on behalf of the Libraries Taskforce and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). It brings together a range of technical processes and the real-life experiences of the 4 library services that have spun out from their respective councils. These demonstrate some of the challenges and barriers that have been overcome, as well as highlighting some of the benefits that have been realised.

This toolkit is designed to support library service managers, council commissioners and transformation teams, councillors, Friends Groups and community groups to consider the desirability, viability and feasibility of a range of alternative delivery model (ADM) options for their library services.

It demonstrates and describes a staged approach to investigation and establishment. It also describes the characteristics and potential advantages/disadvantages associated with each type of alternative delivery model.  It enables the user to undertake a robust, objective and evidence-based analysis of the various options should they wish to explore moving to a different delivery model.