Mutual Ventures

Health and integrated care

Covid-19 has highlighted the need for the rapid implementation of the reforms set out in the Long Term Plan, particularly the integration of services where organisations work hand-in-hand with greater emphasis on prevention.

Commissioners are increasingly focused on service alignment, reduced duplication and variation with an increased focus on Population Health Management. In response to this, GPs and Primary Care Networks, acute providers, community services and social care must work together in a more joined-up system with the patient at its centre.

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Our Offer: Transforming public services

We offer a wide range of support to NHS organisations and those managing the integration and reform of services and provider models, including:

  • Integrated Care systems
  • Acute Trusts
  • Community Service providers
  • GPs and Primary Care networks
  • Mental health providers

Our expertise combines strategic thinking with a deep understanding of what it takes to transform public services. We have a deep understanding of the spectrum of alternative delivery models including alliance contracting, corporate joint ventures, and social enterprises. Alternative delivery models can enable organisations to respond to commissioner demands and ensure their delivery models are future-proofed and they retain their foothold in the system.

Our Offer: Service redesign

Our support may also require some service redesign work to take place in parallel to the delivery model work outlined above. Service pathway mapping will help adapt your service to the new reality being driven by integrated care systems and partnerships.

We will work with you and your partners to respond to the unique challenges in your area.

Our end to end support offer is summarised below:

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Some examples of our work

Provide CIC and Essex County Council – We supported Provide Community Interest Company and Essex County Council to explore how an alternative delivery model could encourage integration, and support the delivery of holistic and joined-up health and social care services.

South Coast Medical Group – We supported the South Coast Medical Group in exploring an alternative delivery model to shift to a more sustainable model that could secure the continued use of the estate and provided a greater degree of long-term certainty.