Mutual Ventures

Integrated care in Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Mutual Ventures was commissioned by the Cabinet Office and the Department of Health (2015) to look at how alternative organisational forms might promote effective clinical pathways and increase staff engagement in Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Our work focused on the heart disease pathway, looking at the potential for integrating services across the whole health economy, including primary care, community care and the third sector.

We developed a business case that looked at a series of organisational and contractual integration options, and undertook financial modelling to develop a five-year forecast with risk and sensitivity analysis. This demonstrated the tangible costs and benefits of integrating pathways of care, as well as a clear appetite amongst clinicians and delivery partners for more involvement in decision-making. As part of the project, we ran engagement workshops with senior managers, clinical staff and unions.

Director of strategy, Hanif Wazir: “We already understood that high levels of staff engagement would play a significant part in improving care outcomes. The programme allowed us to explore the possibility of new models of delivery and engage staff in a meaningful way.”

The work supported the Trust, CCG and local authority with their strategy within the context of improvement and system transformation across Greater Manchester. Our work helped to pave the way for the Tameside ‘Local Care Organisation’ planned as part of the devolution reforms.

Read more about our work on integrated care in Tameside in an article published in the HSJ here.