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Rising demand, increasingly complex care needs and budget challenges are placing unprecedented strain on the NHS. To address this challenge, the Long Term Plan describes a vision of integrated services, where organisations work hand-in-hand and there is greater emphasis on prevention.  GPs, acute providers, community services and social care must work together in a more joined up system with the patient at its centre.

Transforming services requires new ways of doing things and a strong relationships between health partners at a local level. Implementing Primary Care Networks and moving to Integrated Care Systems means a shift to whole-system thinking and ensuring everyone has a stake in success. Making the best use of the NHS/Council estate in order to support integration is also critical.

We offer a wide range of support to NHS organisations and those managing the integration of  services.

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Our support offer

Strategic Planning – our team can support you to consider your options for future service delivery including the optimal service mix. This will involve considering how to best lead or engage with the STP process to ensure you get the best outcome for your local area, organisation(s) and service users. Find out more about our Strategy service.

New Delivery Models – our team support the redesign of existing services or new organisational forms, such as public sector-owned trading companies, joint ventures and independent social enterprises. Through a tried and tested process which includes appraising your options, engaging with key stakeholders and developing a robust business case, we can support you through the entire journey. Find out more about our New Delivery Models service.

Service Transformation – we can help you consider changes to the way your services are delivered to improve their quality and sustainability. This may be through service pathway mapping and/or the development of a new Public Service Operating Model which adapts your service to the new reality being driven by the integrated care systems/partnerships. Find out more about our Service Transformation offer.

Our offer specific to Social Enterprises and Charities operating within the Health and Social Care sector includes:

Growth & Partnerships – we provide support for organisations to grow via strategic reviews of services, service redesign, business planning, business development and development of resilient partnerships.  For example, we have helped organisations to win new contracts by supporting engagement in payment by results commissioning. Find out more about our Growth and Partnerships service.

Investment & Impact – we work with organisations to support strong impact management, advising on measuring and demonstrating social impact and implementing new systems. We have helped organisations to analyse whether investment is right for them, become investment ready and develop their case for investment. Find out more about our Investment and Impact service.


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Case studies

Essex community health and adult social care integration – In 2019, MV worked with Essex County Council and Provide (the mid-Essex community health provider) to explore opportunities for the integration of adult social care and community health. We explored whether changes to structures and organisational form could provide a stronger platform for collaboration, and improve outcomes for people in the Mid Essex area. Read the full case study.

Sussex community and primary care integration – In 2019, MV worked with Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust to design and develop a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to allow  the acquisition and integration of primary care services with the Trust’s own community services. Read the full case study.

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership- In 2017 MV partnered with KPMG and the King’s Fund to develop options for payment and contract reform across the GM area. This work supported devolution and health and social care integration in the Greater Manchester area. Read the full case study

Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust- In 2015 MV developed a business case looking at integrating services along the service user pathway for heart disease patients, working alongside senior managers, staff and clinicians. Read the full case study

The Health and Wellbeing LLP (2016-17) – This is a new Limited Liability Partnership model for delivering integrated services at scale, comprised of eight social enterprises and charities. Read the full case study

Bridgend County Borough Council – the Bridgend Resource Centre (‘BRC’) is a council day centre which provides services for older and disabled people with complex needs.   The Council appointed MV to investigate whether opportunities existed to: increase the scope and scale of services delivered via the centre; improve the financial viability and sustainability of the centre by generating new sources of income, thus reducing BRC’s dependence on Council funding; and establish BRC as a social enterprise. Read the full case study

Lincolnshire County Council – MV were commissioned to support this local authority in understanding the process involved in creating an Integrated Care Organisation and to develop a roadmap for integrating adult social care services with local health services. Read the full case study

Torbay Council commissioned MV to develop a business case exploring a move from their current model, where children’s services are provided by Torbay Council, to a commissioned model, where children’s services would be delivered by Torbay and South Devon Foundation Trust. Read the full case study