Mutual Ventures

Case studies

Essex community health and adult social care integration

In 2019, MV worked with Essex County Council and Provide (the mid-Essex community health provider) to explore opportunities for the integration of adult social care and community health. We explored whether changes to structures and organisational form could provide a stronger platform for collaboration, and improve outcomes for people in the Mid Essex area.

Mutual Ventures undertook an options appraisal, which was designed to determine and apply the priorities of ECC and Provide in a clear and transparent way. The approach was underpinned by extensive engagement, and input from key partners, including Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group. The options appraisal was informed by data from both a ‘bottom-up’ workforce-led analysis, and a ‘top-down’ strategic view of the organisations.

We recommended that ECC and Provide should integrate services by implementing a Contractual Joint Venture through an Alliance Agreement. This option offered many benefits and provided a way to embed a holistic view of Community Health and Social Care provision and a legal basis for strategic and operational alignment between ECC and Provide, without change to existing commissioning structures or existing corporate entities.

Many of the benefits identified were likely to be best achieved with a more stable organisational form. A Corporate Joint Venture between ECC and Provide could ‘lock in’ strategic and operational alignment between ECC and Provide. Mutual Ventures advised that this would potentially be the best long-term option, and ECC and Provide agreed to continue to explore this option as they pursue a contractual integration.

‘’An excellent piece of work which has taken the partners exactly where we wanted to get to’’ John Niland, Chief Executive, Provide.