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Children’s Services

The pressures on our Children’s Social Care services are unrelenting. Increasing demand, driven by child population growth, rising numbers of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and changes to legislation increasing the number of care leavers in scope for support. Budget reductions resulting from austerity saw a fall in preventative services, which is adding to demand pressures and a storm of other societal factors is creating ever more complex needs.

Local Authorities are tackling a range of critical issues in their efforts to meet these needs. These include difficulty in recruitment and retention of experienced social workers; insufficiency and the cost of placements for children looked after; meeting duties and additional demand from SEND reforms.

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Our offer: Strategic advisory

We provide strategic insight and support to services and organisations using quantitative and qualitative methods to develop tailored solutions to their challenges. Our team will work in partnership with our clients, ensuring everything we do is grounded in deliverable outcomes.

The approaches we will take include:

  • Integration across traditional public service boundaries
  • Applying our Balance approach to ensure fit with quality and financial constraints
  • Re-drawing geographical footprints
  • Exploring the efficacy of transitions between services
  • Focusing on wider delivery system with multiple partners
  • Development of new models of delivery

Our offer: Delivering differently

We are specialists on implementing structural changes to the way public services are delivered to improve quality and sustainability. This might include redesign of existing services or new organisational forms, such as public sector-owned trading companies, joint ventures, Children’s Trusts and independent social enterprises.

We advise on service re-design applying our public service spin on Target Operating Model to help reimagine how services can be delivered in the post COVID-19 environment, maximising appropriate use of technology and identifying the optimum mix of virtual and face to face service provision.

Our offer: Innovation

With our strategic partners, Innovation Unit, Mutual Ventures have deep experience and know-how of how to innovate effectively in Children’s Social Care, be that at a practice level or organisational/structural level.

Whether you are seeking whole system change or targeted innovation for a particular aspect of your service, we can help you to redesign, re-imagine how you deliver your services to best meet the financial constraints and demand pressures currently facing the sector.

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Some examples of our work

Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme – Partnered alongside Innovation Unit and the Social Care Institute for Excellence, we support projects across the country which look to provide innovative services to vulnerable children and young people.

Reading Children’s Trust – We supported Reading Borough Council in the design and establishment of Brighter Futures for Children, which delivers children’s services on behalf of the Council.