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Catch up on our webinar – Levelling Up Fund: getting a headstart

With applications to the Government’s Levelling Up Fund due to begin early this year, local leaders will want to start preparing so they can get a head start on the process. The £4bn Fund will support local areas and communities to improve ‘the infrastructure of everyday life’ and stimulate economies through investment in regeneration projects….

Catch up on our webinar – Integration in children’s services: how to build effective partnerships

Catch up on our webinar where we explore how children’s services can make sure they are working effectively with partners in local government, the NHS, and wider the community. Creating an integrated system has been a goal for many years, but the pandemic has accelerated the need to act. This webinar brings together experts from…

Plans to put ‘place’ at the centre of healthcare are long overdue

John Copps welcomes the emphasis on ‘place’ in NHS England’s plans for health system reform, and argues that the balance of power should now be tilted towards primary, community and social care. Repeated lockdowns over the last year have meant that many of us have not ventured far from our front door. Just as COVID-19…

MV’s pro bono support for social enterprises during the COVID-19 crisis

Mutual Ventures’ mission is to is to improve life chances by making public services better, more sustainable and more connected to communities. As the pandemic hit last year, we were mindful of the significant impact it was likely to have, not only on our own organisation, but on our clients and the communities they serve….

‘Levelling Up’ must mean children are not left behind by COVID-19 

Eliza Hardwick argues that without a coherent strategy to ‘level up’ for the most disadvantaged children, repeated COVID-19 school closures will increase educational inequality.  Education must be a core part of ‘building back better’ and the government’s stated aims around ‘levelling up’ In the UK talent is spread evenly but opportunity is not. The continuing COVID-19…

MV publishes guide to the updated HM Treasury Green Book

To support this aims of Levelling Up, HM Treasury has published a refreshed Green Book, providing guidance on how to assess new public investment. Today MV is publishing a guide to these changes. Our guide – What’s new in the Green Book – presents a summary of key updates, and provides local authorities with practical…

Register for our webinar: Integration in children’s services – how to build effective partnerships

* Register for this webinar here * Providing the support that vulnerable children so desperately need right now requires agencies working together. But how can children’s services like yours make sure they are working effectively with partners in local government, the NHS, and wider community? Creating an integrated system has been a goal for many…