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Bidding for public sector contracts

At times working with the public sector can feel like dancing the tango. Cycles of three-year contracts, the rigmarole of preparing bids, and the constant need to keep on the right side of your commissioners is exhausting – and all this on top of the day job.

Everyone involved in selling services to the public sector knows how important business development– and bid writing in particular – is to success.

2016 and 2017 sees many public service spin-outs face the prospect of re-tendering for their core contracts. To mark this milestone, we are publishing a collection of eight articles on topics ranging from where to start with business development to putting the ‘wow’ factor into your bids.

They are not intended as a comprehensive guide but rather an assortment of tips, written in an accessible way. All the articles are available here on our website – so you can share them with colleagues or friends if you wish.

The articles:

  1. Getting your foot in the door – where to start with business development
  2. Got a plan? Your strategy for bidding for contracts 
  3. Walking a mile in your commissioner’s shoes – Understanding the other side of the equation
  4. Getting the basic right: seven tips on the nuts and bolts of bid writing 
  5. Rising above the competition – putting the ‘wow’ factor into your bid
  6. Better off together? Partnership bidding for public services 
  7. Showing off your wider impact: Answering the social value question
  8. Building from rejection: Learning from your bidding mistakes

You can download all these articles in a report format here.

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