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Devolution and Integration

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Is your organisation devolution and integration ready?

Since the 2015 general election, the Government’s commitment to devolution and integration have become the major drivers of public service reform.

  • Devolution describes the transfer of power from central government to the regions, with local decision-makers granted greater autonomy and budgetary control in return for working together.
  • Integration, an allied concept, describes a more joined-up approach to service delivery, and is most conspicuous in plans for the future of health and social care.

We have been working with public service commissioners and providers across the country to try and respond to this challenge. Examples of the support we can provide include:

  • Getting the most from devolution: Our Maximising Devolution methodology can help groups come together to take a high-level devolution deal and work through how it can be delivered on the ground.
  • Making sure your service is devolution/integration ready: Our Integration Readiness framework helps clearly identify what integration means for your service(s), what the barriers are, and how to break them down. We have supported a number of local authorities, including  Lincolnshire and Gloucestershire, to assess the integration readiness of specific services.
  • A “devo ready” contracting solution for social enterprises and charities: We are currently working with a group of eight social enterprises in the north of England (the Health and Well-being Partnership) who have joined forces to form a Limited Liability Partnership. This is a single contracting entity through which they can provide entire service pathways across a wide geographic area.